Get in Shape with the Xbox One

Xbox One offers one of the best real fitness training programs around. This isn’t some kid’s game where you swing your arms around and pretend you are doing things, Microsoft went and got some of the top trainers in the field to sign on and create specific workouts for the system. These trainers are the same ones that celebrities and athletes use to get themselves in shape. You don’t have to sign up for a gym membership or make so with a high priced, low skilled local trainer – you can get in the best shape of your life on your time, any time, with some of the top trainers in the world.

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Working with Real Trainers

The core trainers of the Xbox One Fitness program include Jillian Michaels, Shaun T, Tracey Anderson and Tony Horton. They represent the best of the best and cover all the major approaches to getting fit today. You can pound the mat with Tony Horton and do a cross-fit based fast program, or dare to try Jillian Michaels program which uses an updated form of moving yoga poses to increase your core strength to levels you have probably never see before.


Unlike using a straight DVD fitness program, the console allows for integrative fitness feedback. With the addition of an Xbox Live Gold membership and the Kinect system, you can not only monitor your workout, but you can create faster results. Each of the trainers have specialized workouts tied to the Kinect system that use it to the full extent of its capabilities. You can also do the full fitness program without the Kinect add on. To use the Kinect you will also need an Xbox Live Gold membership. This membership allows for your data and the fitness programs to “talk” to each other so you can stay motivated and see real results.

Getting in the Habit

None of the workouts provided by the trainers is going to make a difference if you don’t get into the habit of getting in front of the screen to do the workouts. The console promotes full immersion and full activity. To build the habit of fitness using the console you should pick a specific time of day, and time limit, for when and how long you will use it. Don’t expect to keep up with the full workouts immediately, some of them are very hard, but there are also beginner levels.

The first two weeks should be all about getting the process into your schedule. You should also use this time to preview each of the workouts offered by the different trainers on Xbox One to find which of the pro trainer’s you respond to best. Once you know which workout you are going to follow and are in the habit of doing it, set yourself some goals and go get fit! Here’s a video review of the system over 4 months: