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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has some easy cheats and hacks listed just about anywhere you look on the Internet. Generally for a paid subscription, you could have access to them. There are also other easy ways for you to gain an advantage in the game, but you'll have to figure that on your own. Be careful though, there is a new system put in place by the company that makes the game that is tracking down cheaters and banning them. You may be able to use these cheats for a little while longer before you risk having to pay the price.

While there are many different cheats and hacks out there for CS:GO, these four are the ones signaled out as being the best cheats – and the reason why the game developers came up with the VAC system. VAC stands for Valve Anti-Cheat. The game is made by the Valve Corporation and the VAC system is capable of banning players it detects using cheats from accessing their game accounts. Once you read through what these cheats can do you will understand why they prompted the anti-cheating system.

Wall Hacks

Wall hacks is almost exactly what it sounds like. It is a hack that allows you to see through walls as if they were transparent. Not only is this invaluable in creating offensive and defensive strategies, since all the maps in CS:GO are time based, it can get you through a map without any wasted motion. Since the idea is that you have to explore to find what you are looking for, this undoes a major portion of the game play.

Speed Hacks

As far as beating the clock, there is no better way than having a speed hack. This increases the speed of your character walking through the maps. Again, it kind of defeats the purpose of the game by giving you an unfair advantage. What does the clock do for you if you can move like the Flash?


One of the advantages of playing with a team is you are able to see your team’s details. This is very important if you are playing a map where one of the terrorists on your team is a VIP or has the bomb. ESP lets the counter strike force see the information too. It is the ultimate in un-sportsmanship play


The only thing that can beat the un-sportsmanship play allowed by the ESP cheat would be an Aimbot. If you are using an Aimbot, which does exactly what you think it does, why bother playing at all? You might as well hang outside and shoot ducks in a barrel for all the skill that takes.

While some people may think that being banned for two years from their player accounts for cheating is unfair, most players agree that it is needed. The cheats and hacks have gone beyond giving you a little extra advantage or revealing a hidden Easter egg to destroying the enjoyment of the game.

The End of the League of Legends Skin Scam

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Riot Games recently announced that they are getting rid of the special codes that allow players to customize the skins they use with their League of Legends accounts. The decision comes after an enormous controversy over a series of scams done using League of Legend skins. As Riot can’t quite stop the scam and keep the skins active that are valid, they are temporarily doing away with the customized skin codes altogether. It remains to be seen if this option is going to come back – or if they will just move on to avoid a repeat of what they just put an end to.

When Riot introduced the special codes that allowed members of certain tiers to access custom skins, they did so with the best of intentions. What they didn’t expect is that scammers would get a hold of the codes and then offer them for sale for upwards of $1,000 USD. The scammers often listed the skins as “custom” or “one-of-a-kind” when in fact they were part of a limited edition gallery meant to be earned, not purchased. The prevalence of the sales by scammers, and then member complaints led to Riot games shutting down the whole coding system.

Why did People pay $1000 for a Skin?

The question is why would anyone pay that much money for a skin for a game? The answer lies in the enormous popularity of League of Legends. This is one of the world’s most popular multi-player games and players are truly dedicated to their experience. The ability to add a custom skin not only personalizes the game play, but it can add to the player’s interest in the game. With the skins set up as a kind of reward, there is also a great deal of satisfaction experienced by having one on your screen.
Unfortunately, many people would rather pay for the reward than earn it and the scammers took advantage of it. From Riot’s point of view, this diluted the entire purpose of the custom skin codes. It was better to pull the codes than to allow them to be sold for profit when they were intended to be rewards for loyalty in the game.

What Now?

It may be hard for Riot to come up with an in game reward for player achievement and loyalty that can’t be monetized by a scammer. Much of it has to do with the desire of players to get what they haven’t earned in order to feel more closely a part of the world of League of Legends. Riot is going to have to come up with a series of rewards, some of which can be bought, to diffuse the attraction of trying to buy one on the black market.
By selling their own line of rewards and skins, Riot can also shut down the scammers from accessing an easy profit that doesn’t benefit the game in anyway. That is the other aspect of all this, scammers selling skin codes didn’t just lower profit for Riot, they took away game development money.

Winning at Titanfall


When Microsoft decided to shake itself free of Xbox Studios it couldn’t have chosen a better game to return to the market to announce its seriousness with then Titanfall. It is bundled with all new purchases of the Xbox One and the dedicated controller system and upgrade advances make this an ideal home entertainment game. Titanfall is also available on many of the other game platforms and doesn’t suffer in the least for the transition. The battles are furious and the complexity of building, maintaining and customizing your Titan will keep you deeply involved.

The first thing you do, after you have completed the tutorial level, is to begin building up your Titan. There are several ways that you can do this, the slow and sure way is to just show up and play to gain points and money. You can also purchase premium upgrades. That can really help out if you are planning to leap into tournament or league play. You can begin buying and trading to outfit your Titan to increase your skill and power levels immediately. You can also engage in a variety of different combat forms, each of which can either wipe out your character – or get you faster gains if you succeed.

Tournament Play

Tournament play is hugely popular. It is a moderated combat lane with a set of criteria for declaring winners of the tournament. You can enter as pairs, teams or an individual. The tournaments are staged throughout the real time year to allow you to build up your Titans to stand a better chance of advancing. You can always set your stats to pull your Titan out so you can preserve your gains too.

League Play

League play is structured much like the fantasy sport games. You can bid on players and build your team and then compete against others through points and scores to declare an overall winner. If a league doesn’t fill, the players are given an opportunity to roll over into another league. You can also host multiple Titans in different league competitions.
Independent Challenges

The most popular of all the combat forms remains the individual challenge. This can occur in one of two ways. Either you can roam your lanes and engage in battle against AI or other players, or you can schedule challenge matches against another player. These independent challenges do not have to be played to the death so you can preserve your main Titan and return to fight another day

Even if you have played Titanfall for a while it is important not to forget to check the updates and blogs to find out about releases, patches and changes. Some of the mapping systems work to reveal hidden levels or have multiple levels of solution. You may need to build yourself up enough to go back down several maps to solve it again, but in a different way, to get even more out of the world.


Playing Titanfall on the New Xbox One

titanfall gameplay screenshot

Titanfall was designed and created by the same people that brought you Call of Duty. It is not a continuation of the Call of Duty scenario, although there are many elements of the overall game design that will be familiar. Titanfall is currently offered to new Xbox One buyers for free as a bundled game. It is available for purchase via Xbox One distributors and online retailers for everyone else. It is getting a lot of attention form reviewers and players. It offers fast and complicated play, but not so complicated that it gets in the way of fast and furious action.

How Good is it on Xbox One?

Titanfall is getting some excellent reviews on the Xbox One. As a single player or multi-player game it holds together well. There is nothing unexpected about the navigation and controls; they will remind you a great deal of its source of inspiration, Call of Duty. It also has some upgrades that would have made Call of Duty even better, but the game was already too far in evolution to be able to back engineer the upgrades for controls better. One of the things that is helping the game is Microsoft’s choice to do away with all the third party controllers and focus on making their bundled controller work well with the upgraded hardware.

Controlling the Titans

In the game, players build and control mechanized combat “titans.” This leads to endless opportunities for customization, and for battle. The better you get at controlling your Titans, the further you will advance in the game. The majority of their combat is derived from weaponry, but there are also power moves that are physically based as well. The story line is there, but not something that is the primary source of focus. The main goal is to fight and to win. Off combat time is spent repairing the Titans and upgrading them for the next battle. It is a multi-player environment, but there are also plenty of opportunities for single combat as well.

Cheat Codes and the Cheating Bans

As with every game that rolls out these days, following soon after are streams of cheat codes that have been hacked and then published. The creators issued a caution against those playing with cheats, especially those using PC access, but in March of 2014 that actually started banning players for using cheats. Unlike other games, like Grand Theft Auto, there isn’t a method where Titanfall can recognize the use of a cheat code and disallow the gain of points or the award of a trophy.

While PC gamers are now facing bans for using cheat codes (and they are being issued at a faster rate), the cheat ban has yet to catch up with the Xbox One system. The creators are saying that it will only be a matter of time before a similar ban can be put into place, but that is going to require some negotiations with Microsoft as it may impact their Live Gold subscription service.

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